The Camy Collection

Screen shot The Camy Collection is a collection of four Camy games: Dear Camy 1.2, Dear Camy Remix 1.0, Camy II Special Edition and Camy II Challenging Edition. The concept is simple, but FUN! Collect gems, powerups and weapons, while avoiding or destroying deadly explosive balls that bounce and roll around.

What is included in The Camy Collection?

  • 120 levels of non-stop action!
  • Refreshing and original concept and gameplay.
  • Many cool powerups and weapons! Nothing beats that arcade feeling of collecting powerups and blasting enemies to pieces.
  • Non-violent and suitable for all ages.
  • More fun and action for your $ than any other title!

The Camy Collection is 100% non-violent and suitable for all ages. It is for anyone and everyone! Arcade gamers, kids, male or female... It doesn't matter: You will enjoy this game pack.

The Camy Collection is sold through RegNow at the low price of $12.95. After you purchase The Camy Collection, you can download it immediately from the secure RegNow server. You don't have to wait at all!

If you want to try The Camy Collection before you purchase the full version, feel free to download the trial version here. The fully functional trial version of The Camy Collection will allow you to run the game 10 times.

Please remember that The Camy Collection requires DirectX version 7 (or later) to run. You can download the latest version of DirectX from

Also make sure that you have a graphics card and sound card installed that supports DirectX.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to [email protected].

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